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Ultimate Adventure Day

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Drive and compare a specially built Rally spec car on our purpose-built rally stages. Then it’s training on our Segways for your 30-minute experience. Next into our 4×4 Off-road vehicle to take on the challenges of our purpose-built track with hills, rivers, ruts and yes lots of Mud! 

Then the Absolute adrenalin of the Rage buggy or Can-Am with drifts and slides kicking up the gravel now onto a technical and ever-challenging test, driving our very own 12 car transporter that moves our vehicles from circuit to circuit. You will learn to drive around our auto test track including reverse parking this 50 Foot, 38 Tonne monster. Last and not least we have everyone’s favourite, Drifting. Quick briefing and lesson of what’s expected before you learn doughnuts and figure of 8 sideways action. 

This experience really will appeal to everyone and is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone receiving this as a gift! 

Once booked you will receive a follow-up call from our team for you to select your chosen cars and venue. 

The Experience Day includes the following: 

  • Welcome introduction and sign in with our team to collect your itinerary! 
  • Drivers briefing with an experienced and qualified instructor. 
  • You will drive your first fully prepared Rally car for 6 laps around our rally stage. 
  • learn to ride a Segway for 30 mins around its own track. 
  • You will drive our 4×4 off-roader around its purpose-built track. 
  • You will next drive a fully prepared Rage buggy or Can-Am 6 laps around our rally stage. 
  • You will next drive our HGV 38-tonne lorry around the autotest track. 
  • You will next learn to Drift doughnuts & figures of 8 around the track. 
  • FREE High-Speed passenger Ride in a Performance saloon. 
  • FREE 4×4 off-road passenger ride with an instructor to show you what a true 4×4 can do. 
  • You also have the option to view or purchase professional photographs taken whilst you have been driving. (Currently not available on Segway, 4×4 or HGV) 
  • Please collect a certificate to commemorate your driving experience from our media desk.