• Arguably the most visually appealing Aston Martin in the range, the Vantage is a taut mix of muscularity and Aston’s traditional elegance. It works very well too, with the squat, purposeful proportions conveying the obvious sporting intent.

  • Top Speed 195MPH

    Power 503BHP

  • 0-60 3.5S

    Engine Size 4.0L TT

  • Drive Train RWD

    Cylinders V8

  • The Aventador is a true supercar legend in the making, which combines the tradition of the Lamborghini brand with a level of innovation that takes the House of the Raging Bull to hitherto unexplored territory.

  • Top Speed 217MPH

    Power 700BHP

  • 0-60 2.9S

    Engine Size 6.5L

  • Drive Train AWD

    Cylinders V12

  • The amazing new McLaren 720S has an all-new body design with gullwing doors and lots of concealed vents and ducts for a smooth appearance. The bi-turbo V8 engine is bigger at 4.0-litres, developing a monster 710bhp and the suspension. 

  • Top Speed 212MPH

    Power 710BHP

  • 0-60 2.8S

    Engine Size 4.0L

  • Drive Train RWD

    Cylinders 8

  • Hardcore 493 bhp GT3 RS represents a new level for the Porsche 911. The grip is colossal, and you can, once you get brave, play with the balance - small, carefully measured adjustments only though, please. 

  • Top Speed 193MPH

    Power 493BHP

  • 0-60 2.9S

    Engine Size 4.0L

  • Drive Train AWD

    Cylinders FLAT 6

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